woensdag 30 mei 2012


Cycling is again enjoying increasing popularity in European cities. With a level of efficiency of about 95%, the bicycle is the most ecological way of getting around there is. The Shoes, Books and a Bike stand puts the wonder machine on a platform, frames the bicycle and gives it a deserved place of honour in the apartment. Like a trophy in a glass jar, the bicycle represents sporting activity, balance and health.
The stand itself is constructed of the simplest of materials such as pine, screws and coconut fibre, thus also making it affordable for the tight budget.

vrijdag 18 mei 2012

The Colossi Manero

The Colossi Manero is constructed with Columbus Spirit Keirin tubing coupled with completely customized lugs carved by our highly skilled frame builder. Each individual lug is carved all by hand to perfection after numerous of hours with high precision; we can make it with different type of tubing and different carving patterns. The virtue of traditional frame building is truly exemplified by the Colossi Manero."